Monday, May 21, 2018

FMD Progress

So I failed to give my phase updates, but better late than never, eh?

Phase 2: This was Wednesday and Thursday of last week and boils down to LOTS of meat and veggies and nothing else. And it was surprisingly easy. It shocked me this could be easier than the carb load days, but it was. Figuring out what to eat, eating enough. It was easy easy easy. I made some turkey jerky (a recipe in the book that is super easy) for my snacks—at it wrapped in spinach because the protein veggie combo is what they recommend, though only require at meals. One hard things is this phase has some limits on the veggie list including tomato and salsa, which is one of my go-to “make meat and veggies a meal” and salsa is a dressing free dressing, ifyouknowwhatImean. Starchy vegetables are also off the list (tuber family, squashes), but that doesn’t bug me, as years of Weight Watchers makes me think of those as carbs anyway.

I made my hat. I smelled really good.
Phase 3: The thinking is hard, but once done the eating was great. By hard I just mean every meal is a different thing so there is a lot more checking for “hey, is this right?” I had some additional challenges that were “me specific”.

First, my work had a service day Friday, so we went to Detroit to do a service project. Then they bought us lunch (are you seeing the challenge?) and we went to the zoo. But I planned well. I know lunch was wraps. I had ordered turkey. So I brought my sprouted bread and moved my sandwich innards to my “allowed” bread. And I brought almonds for morning snack and celery with almond butter for afternoon snack. Done. Success.

Pajamas and hats, to be specific. It was 6 am.
Second challenge was harder. My neighbor hosted a little party to watch Harry and Meagan get married. Fancy gorgeous food, nearly none of it compliant. I brought my own veggies, though. And could eat the fruit. And she had marcona almonds which aren’t RAW (as they should be) but I figured were close. My only cheat in the positive was salmon dip (which was made which cream cheese, but hey, at least I at it on veggies rather than crackers) and I had 2 glasses of champagne. But I was MISSING the required protein, so I had to eat that when I got home. The rest of the day I was good, and yesterday was fine. Ironically, Saturday was my best loss day all week.

But that weight loss thing is tricky to think about anyway. My first day (before I started) I was down 3 pounds already… Something I did last weekend dropped weight somehow. So after day one I was up 2 and it dropped again by about 1/3 of a pound a day until my low Sunday morning (down a pound and a half from “pre” and then gained it again overnight, so this morning I was back to my starting weight, though this is the only day this week I didn’t weigh less than same day last week… I know. Complicated. I am going to keep going for the next 3 weeks though. Let that fluke even out.


Bea said...

The pj's and hats photo is very fun, indeed!

T. Powell Coltrin said...

You and my daughter have inspired me to get back on the healthy wagon and lose 10-20 pounds. Day 1.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You found a way to work around situations where you might've been tempted - good for you!

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

I second Alex's comment. I always find/found those events and situations the hardest to make work for me. Sounds like you did great!

Chrys Fey said...

Salmon dip sounds good! And I love your hat. :)

Cathy said...

This caught my attention. Hubby and I followed it for a month and he lost 15 pounds. I lost 10. It felt very complex at first to follow, but we were very motivated to stick with it 100% since she claims you can lose up to 20 pounds in a month. Even losing 10 was an achievement to me. I have concluded there is no magic in it except in being totally strict, which happens almost by itself. You are either following it or you are not. No middle ground. I hated phase 2, but adored phase 3. Good luck to you!

Helena said...

It must be so tough to keep going when you must weigh yourself so often, 'cause for me my weight always fluctuates a couple pounds no matter what I do. But I bet this new way of eating will make a big difference over more weeks and months, and I'm so glad the requirements are sometimes easy.