Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bloodtype, Curls and Balderdash

Erm... In otherwords, an update post, but I am doing some very large-ish new things.

Look--I am sunshine!!!
Eating for my Bloodtype

So in the entirety of my time blogging, any time there is a “start” (year, school year, whatever), I have announced I am starting a diet. I follow Weight Watchers, which is a good one as these things go, but in the entirely of the time I've been blogging, it has done me not one spec of good... Well a spec here and there, but quickly regained specs those were.

I've managed to not gain anything in about 2 years, but prior to that I gained weight rather quickly. As “exercising in my spare time” became “writing in my spare time” my seat got wider and wider (Butt + chair = writing taken too far—more butt does NOT make for more writing)

And the fact is, those Weight Watcher attempts through this—crikey, 7+ years—have not been bad attempts. I mean I really tried. So I needed to shake things up.

Now I am not a person who was thinking about anything extreme. I am particularly averse to low-carb suggestions. I mean I will take the “no processed crap” or the “avoid white stuff” (sugar, flour, rice, bread) as legitimate, but giving up fruit makes no sense at all to me. So I resisted.

And then I found validation.

See... I had seen the Bloodtype diet discussed, most notably from our friend Jessica Bell who happens to share my bloodtype. And types O and B (and to some degree AB) are supposed to be carb-avoiding paleo eaters, my ancestry, as denoted by my genetics and manifested in my bloodtype, has geared me to be a pescatarian—a fish-eating vegetarian... And Jessica felt so good... and I've seen her recently—in May, and she LOOKS so good... And this whole genetics and what we process best rings so true to me—I am fully half Scandenavian—of COURSE fish is what I am geared for. In the mean time I CAN have those carbs (the good ones).

Now there are good and bad foods in all the lists, and I have not remotely begun learning them all. Like all legumes are not equal—I am best with black beans and should avoid chick peas, for instance. But I am trying to make the transition to not eating meat. It says OCCASSIONALLY poultry. But not the mammals. I am reserving that poultry thing for when hubs cooks—we only eat together two nights a week and he is willing to do one night veg or fish, but not both. I bought some frozen ahi steaks so if he has a burger or something, I will have an alternative, but I can eat a little chicken.

I noticed though, this weekend, after nearly 2 weeks of very little, he made it, then wasn't home so I had it both nights, then I had Kerrytown Bookfest so he made Sunday dinner too (turkey tacos) and it was all WAY too much. That quickly my body is reacting negatively.... like it sits heavily in my gut, not wanting to leave...

If anyone else is interested in investigating eating to their blood type, this is where I have been going.

Embracing the Curly

About 18 months ago I noticed the under layer of my hair had ringlets. I was curious, so I gave myself a trim and realized without the weight, the next couple layers up were ALSO sort of curly. So slowly I've been talking to my curly headed friends and learning about how, instead of fighting them, I can actually make them a little awesome.

So this is where it is at the moment... not as fuzzy, bit more curl
So September 1, as with the other change, I committed to REACHING FOR the Curly Girl method. I am not there yet. It is a conditioner-only (conditioners have enough of the washy stuff for anyone with non-oily hair, and curly, by definition, tends to dryness). I've only washed my hair 3 times this month, and this week, for the first time, I am going to try to go all week. I will probably stick to that until I run out of shampoo because I am unbelievably cheap.

The other tricks are leave-in conditioner, and some people use a curl definition product. And then a couple tricks like “plopping”--which is, after putting in the leave in conditioner, turning upside down and letting your hair sort of fold into a t-shirt which you then wrap around your head for a significant part of drying—the idea is it allows the curls to dry without the hairs' own weight pulling the curls out. [Plopping video]

I'm liking it so far—my upper layer has gotten a bit curlier and I am not even doing all the stuff yet. (like with the diet) I'm doing part of it and trying to LEARN.

For instance today I figured out that my hair has 3c curls underneath (tight spirals) and 3a on top (bigger curls) (it was 2b on top before I started—just some wave), and I have low porosity, which means it doesn't absorb stuff (not conditioner, not water) as well, so if I deep condition, I probably need heat to really get it in there. The recommended products are different depending on these things.

So probably 90% of you don't really care about all that, but it has been satisfying to find something about myself that instead of trying to change away from, I can instead dive farther into. If that makes sense.

And Finally, the Writing

So my August short story is mostly done... I need to wind it up. But I HAVE started my September short story. Last month was psycho-thriller. This month is definitely sci-fi—much more so that my Parallels entry. I didn't manage to get Medium Wrong queried because I am a gutless wonder with no self-discipline. Or something. But it is still on my list.

And I am plotting about three different things to see what sticks for my November plan... I haven't written a whole novel this year and it's scaring me. So I want to go in with what is closer to a real outline. Maybe I will even story board it.

So how is everyone else doing? Did you start anything new with the new school year? Do you think it will stick?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Go for the science fiction.
Type O is to avoid carbs? I guess I blow that theory out of the water as I eat a lot of carbs and I'm at the proper weight for my age and height.

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

I am so glad the summer is over, and I am heading into Fall with a positive attitude!

I used to wish I had curly hair. Even had a few perms back in the day. Now, I'm pretty happy with what I've got. Although there's more gray than they're used to be. Sigh.

I'm still trying to figure what to do for NaNo....

Crystal Collier said...

Wow. Lots of changes. I've done the low carb diet and seen some great results, but it is SOOOOO hard. Actually, the best results I found were targeted muscle exercises. Weight training. It burns the fact of those targeted muscles. Now I just need the money to afford a personal trainer.

I'm curly too, but oily and have lost a ton of my curl through the kids. Sad times. I used to be a 3c all over. Couldn't tame it to straight if I wanted to--not even in a dry climate. Now I'm more of a 3B, maybe even 3A, depending on the day.

Jan Morrison said...

I'm a type O and do well when I do a paleo diet. Trouble is that I live with a maniac bread maker and I lust for it. Usual dilemma I guess.
As to hair - my hair is straight but I have been a no hair washer for about four years now. I only wash after my hair had been in salt water or chlorine or something truly fancy is coming up. Otherwise - nothing - not water, not conditioner - nothing. Why? Because it is all bullshite. Your hair doesn't need this constant expensive and oil destroying attack on it. In a few weeks your head will settle down and supply just the right amount of oil to keep it shiny and bouncy. The shampoo and conditioner folk will be mad but hey - I'm used to that and they shut up after awhile.
Writing - nope - nothing but the poems I'm writing for my best friend - who turns 70 in a few days. For the past year I've written and sent her poems - I'll have 70 done by her birthday.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I'm type O and 80% of what I eat are carbs. I don't eat fish anymore, but it was the last animal product I gave up. After growing up near the Oregon coast and fresh seafood, that was tough.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Hart - I'm an 'O' .. but I eat what suits me and when it suits me ... I can't eat much in the morning - fruit for b'fast, and then salad at lunchtime and not much til the evening (theoretically!) ...

When I was playing serious squash ... I didn't eat til after I'd played my match - I felt well and was slim. Sadly when my Ma became ill, and my uncle needed extra help - I didn't get as much exercise as I should have ... I'd stopped playing squash by then ... and the bad hip: repaired now ... so I'll get out and walk a lot more ... and cut back!

Cheers and if you'd send over some of your hair genes I'd be grateful!! Hilary

Ann Bennett said...

I am O negative. I don't know. We all have to experiment. However, some foods to stick to your ribs and we don't need that eh. I think people eat too much period. One thing nice about getting older. You get where you don't care to eat very much and fill easily.

My hair is definitely a one and I am jealous of your curls. I have heard of folks who no longer wash their hair. It is greasy for sometime and then it normals out. It is interesting. I'm just a sweaty and unfortunately if I don't watch it smelly person. So I will continue soaping away.

Helena said...

To keep the weight off and loose a few pounds, I'm trying to cut back on sugar (very bad stuff!) and refined carbs. But I'm also looking for a diet that will let me eat bacon sandwiches. I know just what you mean about ethnicity--I'm Irish and English, and if I don't get enough dairy products I don't feel well at all.

And Hart, your hair is gorgeous. Love the curls. And I've learned one trick for moisturizing hair: honey. Just smear it on when your hair is wet, let it soak in, then rinse. You'd be surprised how all the stickiness of honey is gone almost instantly and only the good stuff remains.

CA Heaven said...

I'm 3a, I think, and blood type 0+. I was a blood donor for 15 years. They appreciated the 0 blood type, and never bothered about my hair >:)

Cold As Heaven

Marian Green said...

Hello Hart, first ton say , thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. And then, you seem to do so much. I'm happy if I get to post a couple hundred words or a poem now and again and I only have one blog. You must spend 24/7 writing. It's very impressive.

Arlee Bird said...

The only "blood type diet" that I've heard of is the one to keep my blood sugar lower and I haven't been very good at this diet.

I think about writing a lot, but it doesn't stick.

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I never heard of the blood type diet so I'm going to check it out. Thanks for sharing all this.