Monday, March 10, 2014

March Madness Progress and Blog Tour Stops

Halo, friends!!!

Totally forgot on Friday to point you at a fun review--I like this one at Open Book Society.

And then TODAY, I am doing a guest post at Debbie's Book Bag Blog with a giveaway, and a more personal, significantly sillier post at Princess of Procrastination about Cats and Cozies.

And now onto MARCH MADNESS

So me and my forty best friends... or something like that... are writing like crazy this month. We are about a third of the way in and I thought I'd fill you in on where I am.

Thus far I've EDITED Books 8 and 9 from my Shot in the Light serial, plus the first 11 pages of book 10--this is the current project (209 pages total). And this weekend I WROTE about 6000 words of book 11. My calendar for what I'm trying to get done looks insane. In includes another round of editing for all three of these, publishing 8, and FINISHING book 11, so 600 pages edited in the month and 30,000 words-ish written. Can I do it? I CAN... What I'd REALLY like to do is ALSO edit What Ales Me. We'll see how that goes.


Old Kitty said...

WOW! You are totally super duper amazing!! GOOD LUCK with your edits and hope you do get to edit What Ales Me too! Will check back to read your guest posts - not up yet as I type this!!

Take care

Sarah Ahiers said...

I need to kick it in gear. I only have 12 pages done. I'd like to have 40 done by the end of this month so i can send them in to my MFA mentor. No more of this 3 pages a day bullshit for me. I need to hit this like NaNo

Arlee Bird said...

Nice review at the "Open Book Society". Roanoke, eh? Nice part of the country. One of the places I would consider for retirement.

Have a successful tour!

An A to Z Co-Host
Tossing It Out

L. Diane Wolfe said...

As long as you can stay ahead of the releases, you're doing good.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Six thousand words? I am in awe...

Helena said...

Aack! I didn't mention Keeping Mum on my blog yesterday! But I promise to promote it this next week.

Editors At Work said...

Seems you are doing great! All the best!