Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Epic Sex

So I don’t write sex scenes very often, and I’ve never written a YA sex scene before, but I find myself facing my first of these. Now nobody panic, I am not jumping into kiddy porn… I will focus on the first-person emotion of it because that is what matters to my story. Still, it is intimidating.

I mean I want to get across…

Scared (a little).
The sort of out-of-body experience it can be when you don't know what you're doing...

That’s a lot.

This book has been fun to write so far. I’m about half done with my BuNoWri goal, but probably only a third or less done with the overall story.

So wish me luck! Or orgasms… wait, no… first timers don’t get those… at least the girls… poor things.

On the TOPIC of Epic Sex…

A friend of mine who shall remain nameless sent me a note last week… “uh, erm… I’ve written this book…”

I knew she was a writer—we’ve been friends for years and it was always one of our common interests—but I DIDN’T know she was writing fiction. She’s not online a ton and is not the attention whore I am. But she asked for a little guidance and help getting her book out there. I am thrilled to give her some introductions, but that ‘must remain nameless’ thing makes it a little tricky. You see… she has a job and a child… and has written erotica…

So FIRST, I want to introduce her book, but then ask you guys some advice…

High Stakes Chattel
by Andie Blue
When Lord Nico Chattel tackles an intruder on his property he is surprised to discover the captive beneath him is a voluptuous wild-eyed beauty seeking his help. Samantha is determined to win the grand prize at the Chattel game tournament that will save her family farm. Now all she needs to do is dress like a man and convince the game’s creator, Lord Chattel to mentor her. The dark and handsome Lord Chattel wants nothing to do with the silly game that once defined him or the woman pursuing him. He agrees to play but only if the victor can claim a sensual prize he is sure will scare her away. The stakes of their game get higher until Samantha is left standing naked before him and Nico must call her bluff.
This erotic romance mixes Downton Abbey with a touch of Fifty Shades of Grey.

If you are an erotica reader, I’d love it if you’d check her out.

Next—any of you have experience with this incognito stuff? How would you go about starting from scratch? I mean I have a separate online persona, but it is more about branding than secrecy—My real friends know both and I don’t mind my professional colleagues learning. I just wanted a clear line between my fiction and my science. (thus dropping my first name for my fiction).

I’d just love to pass on some advice about balancing privacy and/or secrecy with promotion.


Old Kitty said...

I love my Old Kitty persona so I guess if you want to go incognito the first it to give your other persona(s) a name(s) that says you but not you really! Take care

Sean McLachlan said...

I've generally avoided sex scenes as well. They're very hard to do right and mortifying if you get wrong. Still, more power to you!

Sarah Ahiers said...

I've been to more than one conference panel where we discussed sex in YA. I have some linkage. Let me find it and fire it your way.

And i don't have any idea on the secrecy stuff

Johanna Garth said...

I just saw a post by someone in the blogosphere about pen names...oooh, it's going to drive me crazy trying to remember who wrote it! The general consensus was it's a lot more work because you have to build to brands.

Powdered Toast Man said...

I never get sexy woman wondering onto my property. How can I make that happen? No zombies though.

CA Heaven said...

I'm keeping tight walls between my blogging/writing and science too. Not smart to mix the two. Writing sex scenes is hardest there is, I think. It's easy to end up in cliches and poor metaphors. Therefore, writing sex scenes is good practice, and entertaining too >:)

Cold As Heaven

Tina said...

I'm SO the wrong person to ask because I'm just me, real name, wherever I go. I just find it easier, and have no career to protect. However, if I were writing erotica, I'd have to hide that from my mom...she'd have a fit. So there's a mixed answer for you...
Tina @ Life is Good

Tina said...

Oh, and of course I bought the book. Happy to support any friend of yours.
Tina @ Life is Good

~Sia McKye~ said...

Johanna--that was Diane Wolf's guest on Spunk this past Monday.

I don't mind people knowing what I write but i do have a professional life outside of writing. I maintain Sia McKye as my writing persona. Not hard to find out who I am. But, I do think when we write hot sex there is a need to be circumspect if you could offend in your professional life.

Writing sex (it's a natural part of life) is not hard for me but I do like the way you list what your goals are for the scene. Sex has to fit your characters and the story.


Helena said...

I think the biggest problem about writing sex scenes is 1) it's impossible to be original, and 2) it's impossible to keep a straight face while writing them.

Andie Blue's (good incognito name) book sounds definitely enticing. But me, I figure I might as well write under my own name. The only incognito I go for is that I haven't told anyone at work about The Compass Master because... Well, just because.

Hart Johnson said...

Jamie-HA! We can advertise for some volunteers!

Thanks everyone for suggestions! I keep the things separate! I think that 'trouble branding' thing really only applies when you are publicly maintining a couple names... I mean... I am, but they are all bound.

Melissa said...

I can tell you how NOT to do it. (kidding)

I write with a pen name. There are a few people who know the real me, but most don't. Of course, it's not necessary for it to be a total secret in my case. My family and friends know, a few of my CPs, etc... In her case, though, I can see the wisdom in keeping identities separate.

I'd say start a Gmail account with the pen name, then build a blog and or website using the same. Unless you tell someone your real name, it would be difficult for anyone to find out. *shrugs* Just be sure to correspond with your pen name at all times with anything relating to your book(s).

Deniz Bevan said...

Hmm, I'm not a good person to ask, as I keep using my real name for everything!

On the subject of sex, though... author Diana Gabaldon has a how-to book coming out!

How to Write a Good Sex Scene!

Glynis Jolly said...

I have an online friend who is a writer. I am one of the very few who know what her name is. On her blog, for her email, and for her writing she used the initials of her 1st and middle name with her last name. Although I know her name, I use the initials when talking about her books or what she has written in her blog. It's easy for me to keep her 2 lives separate this way without confusion.

This may be a way to go for you.