Friday, December 21, 2012

Losing Hope Review and the End of the World

Everybody still there? Shout if you aren’t okay?

I believe today is the official release, though Johanna Garth’s Losing Hope actually became available earlier in the week.

I had the wonderful privilege of reading an ARC of this, and it seems appropriate that its release would be here at the end of the world… a fitting time to lose hope and all. Knowing Johanna, she thought of that. (Once you read this, you will understand just how diabolically clever she is… in fact I’m a little afraid of how her mind works, but never mind).

Though that is starting to get to review, so I really should just get to it, eh?

Losing Hope

Losing Hope is the second in what I believe will be a trilogy that began with Losing Beauty. The story is a retelling of Hades’ obsession and kidnapping of Persephone, but modernized. By definition, to tell you much about this book, it will lead to ENDING information from the previous book, Losing Beauty, so I am doing it in SECRET!

Highlight the following for a plot summary: Daniel has saved Persey Campbell from the Underworld. She is staying with him, going quietly day to day, until one day out with Daniel, an old woman presses a sharp object into Persey’s palm and says what Persey believes is ‘Amends’. Thinking it means she needs to make amends, but not sure how to do that, she decides to go to her home town and make connections with her roots.

While she is absent Daniel works with Rudy on a website called that is destined to make many people very rich. But somebody has sights on Persey. And… a plan to take them both…

End spoilers

And the review: This was a fun read—well written and intriguing. Erm… and there was some really hot sex, but never mind. If there was a weakness, I think it is that as the middle in a trilogy, it needed to give a fair bit of information from the first book, so it took a little while to really get to the new story, but I love the characters, the ideas, and Johanna’s WICKED brain for how people manipulate others to their own benefit. It definitely left me eager for the third in the series.

And NOW for the End of TIME…

I am going with the Alpacas arriving at noon central time (since the Yucatan is central time). So everybody dance naked in preparation, yeah?

And most important... the world is ending!  Don't you dare meet that end in clothes!!!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yeah for Johanna!
Knew you'd slip naked into the end of the world, Hart.

Old Kitty said...

Tequila slammers whilst NAKED and surrounded by cute alpacas?!?! What a way to meet the apocalypse!

All the best for Johanna! sounds ever so scarily plausible! Take care

Johanna Garth said...

Thanks for reviewing Losing Hope Hart. Nothing better, and more fitting for that book, than to be paired with naked end-of-the-worldness!

Connie J Jasperson said...

I love Johanna Garth's first book, Losing Beauty and am planning a long day of staying in and reading Losing Hope over the holidays!

And I too am celebrating in the buff, except for the apron, as I am baking Chocolate Cinnamon Cookies, and I would hate to get flour on my birthday suit!

Alison DeLuca said...

I can't tell you how much I look forward to reading this book. In fact, I might celebrate the end of the world tonight with Losing Hope and Tequila...Good plan!

Cold As Heaven said...

I've been listening to doom metal all day, while waiting for something to happen ... boring apocalypse so far >:)

Cold As Heaven

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I saw Johanna's new book was out.

Drowning in llamas - what a way to go.

Helena said...

This book sounds intriguing enough that I think I'll check out the first in the trilogy first. I like stories that show how people can manipulate others.

Guess I survived the apocalypse. A fancy bar not far from me had the sign "Last chance to get laid." LOL

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